Youtube (Link overload inside)

It is very sad to think that I don’t have time to read anymore, but it is true. Because of the misfortune that happened to me around six months ago, I’m afraid I have not been able to use my free time from my full time job to do anything but earn more at my part time job and during the times that I don’t have part time work, I’m too stressed to use my brain and read. So I’ve begun entertaining myself with something else. Youtube.

I think how it started was this. I was watching Silent Hill Playthroughs in Tiger of the Winds‘ channel when I somehow landed in Pewdiepie‘s channel and stumbled upon his Outlast Let’s Play. It is really, really funny. If you’re stressed and feel like you have nothing to live for, watch this playlist. I used to be annoyed with all those guys who overreacts when they’re playing games but Pewdiepie is actually entertaining. He’s kind of a potty mouth but still entertaining.

From there I discovered Cryaotic (Chaotic Monki), this mysterious guy with an awesome voice and infectious laughter who refuses to show his face; CinnamonToastKen, a youtuber who’s cool and collected in most of his Let’s Plays; and Markiplier, a man with a deep voice most known for his Drunk Minecraft videos and monthly charity livestreams.

Right now, I’ve been watching more of Markiplier than anyone else. He has this radio announcer voice that is just so strange when you couple it with video games. He does collaborations with other youtubers too (Check out this funny musical by Random Encounters ft. Markiplier and another youtuber, Dodger or this weird but oh so funny How to Pole Dance video with the Game Grumps and Sienna). He has other video collabs with youtubers like Cyndago and Matthias too.

As of now, this is all that I have to say. I might not be able to post another one until the next Hunger Games comes out or the 4th Crossfire novel comes out (Comes out November 18th, finally!) or if I somehow find a copy of the movie Annabelle. I bow to your patience.


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