Pitch Perfect 2

*WARNING: spoilers

The first Pitch Perfect was cute, funny at times but over-all just cute. The second Pitch Perfect, however, is laugh out loud funny. Sure, all through-out the film you’ll be thinking that most of what’s happening makes no sense whatsoever, but who cares? It’s funny!

So, the Barden University Bellas are now three times national champions in Acapella singing and ALL the remaining members are seniors. Why they were not recruiting the last three years, was not explained. They perform for the President of the United States of America and the First Lady but just when it seems like the performance is going well, Fat Amy has a wardrobe malfunction where her pants splits right in the middle and she flashes the President, the First Lady, the whole auditorium and everyone watching on television a view of her land down under.

Because of this they get stripped of their title and banned from recruiting future members and they get replaced by Das Sound Machine, the international acapella champions, in their tour. Beca Mitchell (Anna Kendrick) convinces the powers that be that they should be re-instated if they win the international acapella competition.

That’s basically the whole movie because we all know how it ends even without watching it.

They are able to recruit one new member, Emily Junk-Hardon, who is a legacy since her mother used to be a Bella when she was in Barden University. Emily could be cut out of the whole movie and it would still work. She’s the stereotypical newbie, all excited about everything and super hyper, and although I know it was done on purpose since everyone else in this movie is a stereotype, I keep thinking maybe it’s plot to make people hate Hailee Steinfeld, the actress who plays Emily, because Emily is so annoying.

Beca Mitchell is still the normal and sane girl in the Bellas. She does have this running gag about her attraction to Kommissar (Birgitte Hjort Sørensen), co-leader of Das Sound Machine, but it’s more weird than funny. Chloe Beale played by Brittany Snow is still in Barden University although she was a senior in the first movie. Apparently she deliberately failed school three times just to stay in Barden University.

Patricia “Fat Amy” (Rebel Wilson) still pulls most of the laughs; a close second are acapella competition commentators, Gail and John (Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins).

The biggest challenge when making a movie about winning competitions is that the winning group, regardless of whether they are the enemy or not, should be better than the others. I didn’t find the performances of Das Sound Machine as entertaining. It reminded me of a war invasion, or being scolded by a teacher, or being handcuffed and thrown into jail. You get my drift? Also Pieter Krämer (Flula Borg), co-leader of DSM, looks like he walked right out of a Twilight movie. Add a B to the initials of their group name, DSM, and it would perfectly describe what I imagine they do in private. Most of them looked like whip wielding Dominants.

All in all, Pitch Perfect 2 is better than the first movie. Stay for an extra scene after the cast names are shown in the end.


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