Fifty Shades of Grey, The Movie


Like many others I’ve been waiting for this movie since it’s announcement more than a year ago. I was scared of watching it because it had amassed so much hype I thought for sure that it could only disappoint me. In the end, after watching it, it wasn’t that bad.

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Tangled, Emma Chase

Drew Evans, gorgeous, arrogant, successful, has the flu… or so he says.

It all began when he met Katherine Brooks. Beautiful and smart, she was hired as the new associate in Drew’s father’s investment banking firm. And slowly, Drew began to fall… for her.

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This Man Trilogy, Jodi Ellen Malpas

This trilogy has a frustrating lead female, an insanely protective lead, slight bondage, whippings, and lots and lots of sex. Reading the whole trilogy also requires patience, lots and lots of patience.

In a sentence, Jodi Ellen Malpas’ This Man Series is about Ava O’Shea, a young interior designer, and her extreme sexual attraction to Jesse Ward, the rich owner of a country manor where he conducts his dubious affairs and who has become deadly bent on keeping her with him.

It was difficult for me to read this series because I kept getting irritated with both Ava and Jesse. Ava is stupid and Jesse is craaaaaazy.

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